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Scores for Pleasure is a hybrid choreographic project that delves into dance and movement through the lens of pleasure. The project investigates strategies that can be developed to enhance experiences of pleasure and interrogates possibilities of pleasure politics – their generative capacity to nourish feelings of joy, wholeness and sensuality through dance and movement-based practices.

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npm kultur DE

Samuel Draper

archetypical energy, sun in scorpio, heart

Veza Fernandez

spell, fire ball, rhythms

Emma Waltraud Howes

duration, repetition, revelation

Chinasa Vivian Ezugha

mouth, change, acknowledgement

Przemek Kamiński

moisture, nourishment, flow

Claire Lefèvre

care, nap, sweet letter

Dinis Machado

closeness, lukewarmness, interior

Atabey Mamasita

rage, ancestry, abundance

Pedro Marum

sonic tale, idle noise, mesh

Benny Nemer

floral encounter, connection, relations

Ania Nowak

oral cavity, lubrication, excretion

Anna Nowicka

nightfall, dream, taking time

Sunny Pfalzer

apocalypse, collective cringe, encouragement

Elina Pirinen

juniper, hunters’ hour, dawn

Magdalena Ptasznik

nesting, encounter, indulgence

Emmilou Rößling

companion, blend, soft casual

Wojtek Blecharz & Nicolas Navarro Rueda

vibration, acceptance, repetition

Elizabeth Ward

expansion, purring, buoyancy

Melanie Jame Wolf

blink, aperture, intensities