The workshop holds space for the participants to explore pleasure in relation to themselves and others, through a number of different scores. These scores function as vehicles to (re)discover and take great delight in moving and movement, aiming to enhance the feelings of joy, wholeness and aliveness through sensual experience.

The scores facilitated in the workshop are informed by elements of various somatic practices, bodywork and relaxation techniques as well as improvisation tasks. They combine practices of embodying fluids, opening the heart, imagining and affirming, touching and self-treating, writing and resting – all of which can be adapted and taken further by the participants into their daily life and artistic work.


17-18/07/2021, radialsystem, Berlin
18-19/09/2021, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, Hamburg
13-14/10/2021, Diskurs Festival, Giessen
23-24/10/2021, Pawilon, Poznań
4-5/12/2021, Fabrik Potsdam, Potsdam
11-12/12/2021, LOFFT, Leipzig (postponed to 2022)
18-19/02/2022, LOFFT, Leipzig
22/11/2022, Playground, Munich
28/01/2023, Hochschule Osnabruck, Osnabruck