by Sunny Pfalzer

Scores for Sad People in Disaster Capitalism





Video 1: Collective Cringe Suicidal
(trigger warning: this videos deals with suicidal thoughts)

Video 2: Emodepresso

Video 3: General Pleasure

Video 4: Cabbage's Tools to Talk


Sunny Pfalzer is a performance and visual artist. In their work art and activism flirt with each other. Their methodology builds on embodied and representative attributes of protests and on the possibility of turning “being together” into a tool for empower- ment. Through performance, video and tex- tile sculpture, they investigate the strength and perils of anonymity, communal bodies and collective identity in public space and how we can embody sensitive ways of relating to our surroundings, informed by its political and historical complexity. Recent presentations include, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Germany, Shedhalle and Les Urbaines, Switzerland.


Copyright: Sunny Pfalzer (2021). The Score was commissioned within the frame of the project Scores for Pleasure by Przemek Kamiński. The Score can be accessed and used only through the website Copying and redistributing the Score in any medium or format is not permitted. Only non-commercial uses of the Score are permitted. No derivatives or adaptations of the Score are permitted.