by Emma Waltraud Howes

Shifting Tethers: How to Conduct a Flustered Symphony

The score Shifting Tethers: How to Conduct a Flustered Symphony evolved from my practice of durational movement. Movement generated from the score serves as a tool to witness embodied experience in relation to external influences, while the score itself provides a base to notate the paths taken and information gleaned. With each repetition of the score, concentrated focus into the depths of the body’s psyche/worlds increases. 

Emerge from the depths to recall the experience and translate this into a graphic interpretation of the journey taken. Tethers can be shifted infinitely with clarity of intention as guides to expand internal and external space. Color is welcome and interpretation encouraged. 

This practice is intended as a method to incite the awareness of external influences upon the action of peripheral vision. I encourage repetition and duration, and to linger in the murk of these actions, until you find room to approach all of your content with a lucid and expansive gaze. All are welcome at the table, and pleasure can be found in both the frictions and the revelations you will find here.  

Duration: variable.


Innumerable variations dependent upon where one travels

I. Tether: 
Ground / Connect / Rein / Stabilize / Lead / Restrain / Bind / Attach / Base

II. Witness: 
Observe / Soften / Expand / See / Absorb / Listen / Sense / Note / Archive 

III. Gather: 
Collect / Converge / Huddle / Swarm / Accumulate / Associate / Unite / Horde / Compile 

IV. Shiver: 
Shake / Scatter / Loosen / Tremor / Vibrate / Palpitate / Flutter / Quake / Wave

V. Shift: 
Alter / Shuffle / Deviate / Swerve / Vacillate / Drift / Relocate / Pass / Transfer 

VI. Fold:
Curl / Pleat / Layer / Intertwine / Weave / Recombine / Knit / Bend / Overlap 

VII. Nudge: 
Shove / Tap / Dig / Prod / Poke / Persuade / Flirt / Encourage / Jolt 

VIII. Expand:
Oxygenate / Elongate / Stretch / Extend / Buttress / Swell / Increase / Develop / Fluster 

IX. Direct:
Redirect / Project / Throw / Send / Release / Guide / Lead / Hold / Conduct


Download the Score: download

If you wish to share your score with the public, please scan your experience and return it to the following address: 


Emma Waltraud Howes (b. 1976 in Toronto, Canada; lives in Berlin, Germany) works as a translator between movement and form. Informed by dance and visual art, their interdisciplinary projects are guided by observations of bodily and material gestures, with a focus on the development of an expanded choreographic practice. In their live and sculptural installations, movements oscillate between “soft-head banging” and classical gestures of rhetoric while engaging themes ranging from peripheral vision to paradox. Drawings, in the form of graphic scores for performances, lay at the foundation of their practice. These consist of compositions representative of stages in the development of a work, from concept and intention to depiction and effect.
Recent productions include Vorglühen, OUT NOW, Ufferhallen, Berlin (2021); Глаз, Frontviews, Berlin (2021); CAMming: Collective Auto-mythologizing for the CAMera, ImPulsTanz, Vienna (2021); UNFURL: a lucid science fiction, 11th Berlin Biennale, Gropius Bau, Berlin (2020).


Pencil on paper, 70 x 50 cm
Photo: Nick Ash
Layout and design: Franziska Morlok
Editor: Mark Soo
Copyright: Emma Waltraud Howes (2021). The Score was commissioned within the frame of the project Scores for Pleasure by Przemek Kamiński. The Score can be accessed and downloaded only through the website Copying and redistributing the Score in any medium or format is not permitted. Only non-commercial uses of the Score are permitted. No derivatives or adaptations of the Score are permitted.