by Dinis Machado


With an education in Dance and Visual Arts, their works develop from the crossing point of this two areas: where the concrete gesture of plastic construction of objects, spaces and bodies is reclaimed and worked as choreographic material. In a post somatic perspective and caring about bodies that do not conceive, perform or imagine themselves as they are often described by others, Machado works with mutating bodies that dance from the extra material psychedelic bodies they imagine, claim, and consubstantiate for themselves.
Born in Porto in 1987. Based in Stockholm since 2012. Machado creates work as a choreographer since 2007. Holds the MA Choreography DOCH (Stockholm) dir. by Jefta Van Dinther / Frederic Gies; Finished the Independent Studies Program at Maumaus – Visual Arts (Lisbon) led by Jürgen Boch; Holds the BA in Theatre by ESTC (Lisbon);  Studied Ballet and Contemporary dance at Balleteatro (Porto) from 1994 to 2002.
In 2020 Machado was awarded the Birgit Cullberg Stipendium by the Swedish Art Grants Committee / Konstnärsnämnden. Their works were part of Moderna Museet's quadriennial Moderna­utställning­en 2018. In 2013 they received the life Long Burning co-production by Cullberg Ballet for their project Black Cats Can See In The Dark But Are Not Seen. The work was performed within the [8:tension] series at ImPulsTanz 2014.


Copyright: Dinis Machado (2021). The Score was commissioned within the frame of the project Scores for Pleasure by Przemek Kamiński. The Score can be accessed and used only through the website Copying and redistributing the Score in any medium or format is not permitted. Only non-commercial uses of the Score are permitted. No derivatives or adaptations of the Score are permitted.