by Ania Nowak

Instructions for Practicing Possible Connections between Many Mouths

Bring your awareness to the oral cavity and its components (the tongue, the throat, the jaw). 

Let them surrender to gravity. 

If you are standing let your jaw, anus and genitals drop and hang in the air. 

Let a sigh come out of your mouth.

Wait for saliva to come.

Swallow the saliva a couple of times following its natural pace.
Keep a deep throat or a sensation of having one.

Imagine somebody’s warm skin
Imagine you’re not alone
Imagine your pussy is wet
Imagine your mother stroking your hair

When swallowing lubricate inside of your mouth and esophagus until they become one with the mucosa of your inner body. 

Spit or think of spitting. (Same for chewing).

Amplify the peristaltic motility of your intestines in a way that is satisfying to you.

Imagine you didn’t change the sheets
Imagine marks on your back
Imagine them moaning
Imagine your sheets smell like her pussy

Sigh with your sphincter. 

Try sighing with different sphincters in your body.
Amplify sighing by panting.

Imagine they’re taking a long time to touch you
Imagine changing your mind
Imagine they want you just as you want them
Imagine they’re making sounds like a dog
Imagine you’re getting paid
Imagine they’re pushing you against the wall
Imagine you’re not holding back
Imagine you don’t have to buy anything

Excrete a word.

If you are finding it difficult, try to reproduce the muscular activity of the speaking mouth with your anus and/or genitals.

Excrete the words: commodity doesn’t exist.


Ania Nowak’s expanded choreographic practice approaches vulnerability and desire as ways towards reimagining what bodies and language can do. She develops formats such as live and video performance, performative exhibition and text. Nowak’s overall inquiry is into the political dimension of body material and its immaterial aspects -affects, feelings and intuition- to think of new, embodied practices of care and companionship. She is especially interested in the latter when taking into account the unstable, transnational character of our lives and work in the Western world today; experiences of sexuality, sickness and grief, as well as, ethics of pleasure in times of climate and political urgency. Nowak’s works have been presented at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlinische Galerie and Sophiensaele in Berlin; Nowy Teatr, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw; BWA Wrocław, CAC Vilnius and M HKA Antwerp a.o. In 2021 she is Artist-in-Residence at Ankara Queer Art in Turkey and Q21 MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. Nowak lives and works in Berlin.


Copyright: Ania Nowak (2021). The Score was commissioned within the frame of the project Scores for Pleasure by Przemek Kamiński. The Score can be accessed and used only through the website Copying and redistributing the Score in any medium or format is not permitted. Only non-commercial uses of the Score are permitted. No derivatives or adaptations of the Score are permitted.
Cover image: Nicola Swietkowiak, Allismicro Microla. This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.